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“I never really liked my name much until i found out what it tastes like when you sigh it into my Mouth” - unknown


Racism is not ended by being nice. Nice is an attitude. You could be nice to your slave. Racism is not an attitude; racism is about power. 

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A Dazzling Beauty | Naomi Campbell by Mario Sorrenti
Vogue Italia October 2006

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Vanessa Hudgens is the only one literally winning in life. She had two hot ass boyfriends and kept her relationships private. She didn’t have drama with the press had no haters and had such a healthy relationship with Zac. They broke up without any issues and still remained friends. Then she moves on happily with another hot guy repeating her cycle of having a healthy relationship with no press and no one in her business and it’s fucking great like I give props to her.

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